A Guide To The Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (FACVB).

The Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (FACVB) is responsible for advertising and informing individuals about the city of Fayetteville, North Carolina and the Cumberland County location. The info they supply is used to promote the region as a quality travel destination, whether it’s for company celebrations, destination, or simply to visit the location.

The main office of the FACVB is located near downtown Fayetteville and there’s simple gain access to from Interstate 95. Their office is open Monday with Friday, 8AM– 5PM and on Saturdays from 10AM– 4PM. They likewise have a smaller sized office situated near the Fayetteville Area Transportation Museum. This workplace is open Tuesday with Saturday from 10AM– 4PM. This area is likewise easy to gain access to from Interstate 95.

The bureau likewise plays an essential role in helping the hospitality sector (hotels, dining establishments) in Fayetteville and Cumberland County. Site visitor guides are distributed every week to visitors and transplants to the Fayetteville and Cumberland County locations.

Right here are some of the services the FACVB provides:.

Orientation Tours– Meeting organizers can schedule these type of trips with the FACVB.

Media Information– If you’re planning to get words out about a meeting or special occasion in the Fayetteville or Cumberland County areas, the bureau can help in getting in touch with the regional media outlets. The bureau can likewise help in distributing news release for your meeting or unique occasion. In addition to dealing with the local media, the bureau also works with the regional and nationwide media, convention trade media and travel writers.

Promotional– If you’re planning to promote Fayetteville or Cumberland County, the bureau provides complimentary maps, pamphlets, bags, and visitor guides. You could likewise ask for a video and there are other products readily available upon request.

The bureau’s site offers lots of details about Fayetteville, North Carolina and Cumberland County. On the site, they also have a welcome video you can view. On the site, there is details relating to the history of Fayetteville. You can click on the links and read info about their historical sites, some of which are registered in the National Register of Historic Places.… Read the rest

The Fayetteville Observer

The Fayetteville Observer has an online publication along with a daily, printed publication. In addition to the publication that is dispersed daily, there is likewise the Fayetteville Observer-Times, an early morning publication.

The internet site for the Fayetteville Observer is among the very first in the nation. The Fayetteville Observer went online in 1995, being one of the very first newspapers to make the most of the web media. Today, the online publication of the Fayetteville Observer offers a few of the most extensive internet news protection in the United States.

In addition to being the earliest still operating publication in North Carolina, the Fayetteville Observer is likewise the biggest family-owned publication in North Carolina. The Fayetteville Observer has been in family hands for the past four generations.

Magazine is published by the Fayetteville Publishing Company. Features some of the finest entertainment writing, dining establishment and house revues and is offered in the Sunday edition of the Fayetteville Observer.

The Fayetteville Observer started publication in 1816 as the Carolina Observer. The Fayetteville Observer offices were in fact destroyed throughout the Civil War when General Sherman’s army destroyed the workplaces quickly after occupying the North Carolina city. Today the Fayetteville Observer is owned by the Fayetteville Publishing Company and is led by Charles Broadwell.

To discover the best tasks in Fayetteville, North Carolina, check out the online edition of the Fayetteville Observer. The Fayetteville Observer can be an important friend when seeking employment in Fayetteville.

There are likewise numerous different enjoyable contests sponsored by the Fayetteville Observer regularly, consisting of recipe and picture contests. For a chance to have some enjoyable and win prizes, inspect out the Fayetteville Observer online publication.
An excellent way to learn about a neighborhood that you are planning on checking out or to which you plan to transfer is to read their local paper. The Fayetteville Observer online news gives visitors and potential residents of this North Carolina city an outstanding opportunity to learn about the stunning city with a simple click of the computer mouse. For any details on Fayetteville, North Carolina, take a look at the online edition of the Fayetteville Observer.… Read the rest

Biggest Local Political Scandal, Biggest Waste Of Tax Dollars

It’s the issue that refuses to go away – sort of like that stray cat that you fed once and now keeps showing up at dinner time every day.

Whether people are unwilling or unable to move on is unclear, but annexation was the runaway choice in both of these categories for the second consecutive year. Talk about not letting go, and since annexation is one of those proverbial gifts that keep on giving, this topic will retain a stranglehold on people’s attention until the last inch of sewer pipe is laid in the last of the neighborhoods enveloped by the City. And probably beyond then, too.

And fair or not, the scandal is more than likely what led to the defeat of former by Tony Chavonne.

Title: Mayor Chavonne Announcement
Owner: tc

With thousands of impacted residents, annexation is a topic that even the new City Council and Mayor are having to deal with. It seems that just now, after a couple of years, and a couple of unsuccessful lawsuits – which cost taxpayers a pretty penny – that the fallout of annexation is beginning to calm.

But apparently not. Best Of voters spoke up loudly and voiced their utter dissatisfaction with the annexation process as a waste of time, effort, and worse, money.

However, no amount of hindsight can change the past. We hope that next year Best Of voters will find something else for these categories.

Best Use Of Local Tax Dollars
Paving & Widening Of Roads

Okay, so rush hour driving in Fayetteville will never resemble the crawl of the Washington Beltway, but traffic is a relative thing. Any effort at moving things along at the predictable times on the predictably-affected roadways garners the thanks of grateful motorists.

The only question is, will there be more such effort?

The population growth has not necessarily kept up with the increase of cars on the road, but getting there is going to cause a lot of inconvenience before any relief is felt. On the other hand, additional time spent idling in repair zones means more time to read Up & Coming Weekly.… Read the rest

Best Live Theatre

Cape Fear Regional Theatre
1209 Hay St. * 323-4233

Despite facing stiff competition from several other theatres, Best Of voters once again chose the Cape Fear Regional Theatre in this category.
Whether it’s big Broadway-style performances or intimate cabarets, the CFRT does it all. No play is too big or too small to grace the stage. Led by Artistic Director Bo Thorp, the CFRT has operated by one simple rule: Quality, quality, quality. With productions like Fame, Beauty and the Beast, Steel Magnolias and The Last Five Years, the CFRT has lived up to its own rules and continues to capture Best Of honors.
It’s no secret, however, that when a theatre can offer so much entertainment, as well as becoming part of the community (by creating such festivals as the Cross Creek Music Festival and the Brews & Blues Festival), that Best Of success should follow.
This year, once again, the CFRT proves it’s simply the best.

Title: Around the World in 80 Days Cape Fear Regional Theatre
Owner: capefearregtheatre

Best Movie Theatre
MarketFair 15
MarketFair Mall
1916 Skibo Rd. * 868-9888

Combining big, comfy seats that feature movable armrests, as well as stadium seating, the 15 screens at MarketFair take home Best Of honors again in this category.

No stranger to success, the MarketFair 15 sees an estimated million customers a year – that’s a lot of butts in seats, folks. It doesn’t hurt that the theatre can, and does, get just about every major film that comes out every single week. It’s like they say: why get one, when you can get four?

Actually, we don’t know anyone that really says that, but the point is that MarketFair 15 often gets several showings of the big blockbusters, so you’re almost … almost … guaranteed a seat every time.

But don’t take our word for it … use Fandango just to be safe.

Title: Market Fair 15
Owner: Virtual Hits

Best Video Rental Store
Blockbuster Video
Various locations

While Netflix and other services like it are muscling in on Blockbuster’s turf, the giant video rental chain remains firmly affixed at the top of Best Of voters’ lists as the only place to get all your videos and DVDs.… Read the rest